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Unconscious Bias Training

We work with organisations to reduce the impact of unconscious bias on business performance.


Our brains use visual, verbal and behavioural clues to categorise others. We do this through a process of rapid categorisation that is both natural and necessary for our survival.

However, the downside of rapid categorisation is that our brains often misread the clues of our unconscious judgements and this shifts us from danger detectors to social labelling and stereotyping, leading to high levels of prejudice and discrimination.

Unconscious bias in the workplace impacts our recruitment decisions, employee development, impairing diversity and retention rates, as well as promoting a disconnected culture. Therefore, it is vital for organisations to address unconscious bias in order to develop and maintain an inclusive workforce.

McKinsey's Delivering Through Diversity Report, showed that companies with the most ethnically diverse executive teams are 33% more profitable. Additionally, a report by Catalyst found that companies with more women in executive positions have a 34% higher return to shareholders than those that do not.

Our unconscious bias training allows businesses to thrive by helping organisations understand and address biases.

To find out more about our Unconscious Bias Training contact us by email at, telephone +44 20 7922 7790, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Moreover, check out our Unconscious Bias e-learning tool. Our unconscious bias online training course will help you gain a greater understanding of the types of bias, how its impacting your organisation and how to tackle it.

Benefits for your Organisation?

  • Better recruitment and retention rate
  • Empowered employees who openly share their diverse perspectives
  • More diverse teams correlate to more profitable businesses
  • Better innovation & creativity
  • Staff loyalty


Benefits for your employees?

  • Inclusive working environment
  • Feeling valued for what they can bring to the organisation
  • Empowered employees, who are open and honest
  • Staff loyalty


Benefits of enei's Unconscious Bias Training 

  • Bespoke to your needs
  • Global delivery
  • 10% discount for enei members
  • Wide range of learning tools and techniques
  • Flexible from 1 hour to full day workshops, dependent on your requirements
  • Option to become ILM accredited


enei's Approach

At enei we do not do 'off the shelf' interventions. We do not believe it works, we recognise that each organisation is different. All of our interventions are specifically designed to meet our clients’ needs. They are based on three core principles:

  • Bespoke in design: Reflecting your culture, values and ways of working
  • Practical in orientation: Outcome focused by building the workshops around your current business successes and challenges
  • Facilitative in style: Reflecting back key inclusion issues and business risks


To download our brochure please click here


To chart the levels of unconscious bias in the workplace we use Implicitly®, the only commercially available unconscious bias test. We use the Implicitly® results to work with you to reduce workplace unconscious bias.

Get in touch now to learn how our unconscious bias training can drive your diversity agenda