20th April 2020

TIDE Taster

TIDE Taster is a fast and free Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) online evaluation tool to help every employer in the UK become more inclusive. Sign up here

TIDE (Talent Inclusion and Diversity Evaluation) supports flexible and inclusive management of diversity and inclusion, moving away from strand specific language and approach, allowing organisations to focus on the areas that will make the most difference. 

enei has developed TIDE Taster to provide your business with an understanding of how to be an inclusive employer.  It evaluates D&I activities and outcomes with geographic and legislative differences and is a quick and easy free evaluation tool with immediate results. All results are fully confidential.

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  1. Your workforce
  2. Strategy & plan
  3. Leadership & accountability
  4. Recruitment & attraction
  5. Training & development
  6. Other employment practices
  7. Communication & engagement
  8. Procurement

How does it work?

TIDE Taster is a short self-assessment evaluation, which uses Probench, our secure and easy to use online platform. The survey is made up of 25 questions and takes around 10 minutes to complete. The system generates you with an instant feedback report showing:
• How you scored;
• Where you sit on enei’s Inclusion Roadmap; and
• What you can do to become more Inclusive.

TIDE Taster is self-assessment and participating organisations must ensure they answer questions accurately so the results represent the organisation fairly. Organisations are given an overall score out of 100.

TIDE taster is a continuous evaluation and is available all year round. Whenever you choose to complete it, you will receive the report with your results immediately after submission.

TIDE Taster will provide you an instant feedback report showing: How you scored, Where you sit on enei's Inclusion Roadmap and What you can do to become more inclusive.

  • Gain an overview of how inclusive your organisation is;
  • Mark your position on enei’s Equality to Inclusion Roadmap and identify clear steps for progress;
  • Shape and drive your Diversity and Inclusion agenda: and
  • Rethink the way you look at Diversity and Inclusion

Following the recommended actions - your Tide Taster report can:

  • Increase employee satisfaction and engagement;
  • Improve problem solving, creativity and innovation; and
  • Boost team working and effectiveness.

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Denise Keating, enei CEO said ‘We are delighted to launch TIDE Taster to help every employer in the UK become more inclusive. Our experience of supporting employers of all sizes across all areas of diversity and inclusion practice has given us the knowledge to help everyone on their journey. We believe that supporting employers to become more inclusive is the right thing to do for everyone, as diversity contributes to organisational success and has a positive effect on society as a whole.


If you have any questions please email info@enei.org.uk

N.B. Participants may be contacted by an enei Relationship Manager to see if there is anything enei can do to help organisations on their D&I journey.