TIDE Deepdives

TIDE Deepdives are our new evaluation tools, built on the successful foundation of the overall TIDE

TIDE Logo - Talent Inclusion & Diversity Evaluation

TIDE (Talent Inclusion & Diversity Evaluation) Deepdives look at specific areas of diversity. The first two in the series are Age TIDE and Trans TIDE which were launched in October and November 2018. The following 8 areas are covered in the evaluation:

  • Your workforce
  • Strategy and plan
  • Leadership and accountability
  • Recruitment and attraction
  • Training and development
  • Other employment practices
  • Communication and engagement
  • Procurement

The Deepdive series will take a closer look at certain diversity characteristics and themes in employment and help you to identify where you currently are with specific areas of Diversity & Inclusion in your organisation. This will help you develop the strategy and plan to drive your Diversity agenda in these specific areas.

TIDE Deepdives are fast and easy to complete, requiring minimal time-consuming evidence gathering.

Age TIDE                                                                                                                                                

The Deepdive series 'Age TIDE' will take a closer look at certain diversity characteristics and themes in employment and help you to identify where you are currently with Age Diversity & Inclusion in your organisation. This will also help you develop the strategy and plan to drive your Age Diversity agenda.

Did you know…?

  • By 2022, the number of people in the workplace aged 50 to State pension age will have risen to 8million
  • 62% of over 50s feel that structural or attitudinal barriers hold them back
  • Older workers are 25 times less likely to be offered a job interview than their younger counterparts
  • Younger workers are often overlooked for promotion and even training
  • 488,000 young people aged 16-24 were unemployed in May-July 2018
  • The dots are all there – let us help you to join them up!

Trans TIDE


The Deepdive series 'Trans TIDE' will take a closer look at certain diversity characteristics and themes in employment and help you to identify where you are currently with Trans Diversity & Inclusion in your organisation. This will also help you develop the strategy and plan to drive your Trans Diversity agenda.

Did you know…?

  • At least 1% of the population meet the criteria for protection under the ‘gender reassignment’ characteristic of the Equality Act 2010 (EHRC)
  • A study in the Netherlands has shown that 5% of the population identify as being trans, including 1% who identify as binary trans with a further 4% identifying as non-binary trans (Kuyper & Wijsen, 2014)


  • TIDE Deepdives cost £1,000+VAT for enei Members! (£2,000+VAT for Non-members)
  • Accessible, fast, and easy to complete
  • Reviewed by an enei Consultant with recommendations given
  • Inclusive language and flexible framework making TIDE relevant across the globe
  • Instant results demonstrating actions required to see improvement
  • Lead the Change on specific areas of Diversity

What do I get?

A personalised report

TIDE Deepdives generate a personalised report that clearly shows how your score was built up and how higher scores can be achieved including:

  • Your overall score, showing where your organisation sits on enei’s Inclusion Roadmap
  • Your score for each of the 8 individual sections
  • The questions, answers, and your percentage score for each question so you can identify strengths and areas for improvement

Unlike some other evaluation and benchmark surveys, the TIDE Deepdive report allows you to see clearly how your score was built up and how higher scores can be achieved.


Your results will be supported with a 1-hour review by an enei Consultant, who will give recommendations to help drive your agenda on the Deepdive subject


How do TIDE Deepdives Work?

The Process

TIDE Deepdives are a self-assessment evaluation, which uses Probench, our secure and easy to use online platform.

The main contact receives the registration details within 48 hours after ordering the Deepdive. They can complete the survey directly or ask other people within the organisation to complete it in parts or in its entirety, using a function within the system. They can update their evaluation at any time and receive an up to date report when needed.


TIDE Deepdives are a self-assessment and participants must ensure they answer questions accurately so the results represent the organisation fairly.

Responses are scored by applying a set of rules embedded within the TIDE system. Not every question or section is weighted equally.

Each section allows the organisation to upload evidence to support responses. This information will not be used to influence the score but will be used by the enei team to review entries.


TIDE Deepdives are a continuous evaluation available all year round. An example of this - organisations may decide to instantly complete Age TIDE and use the feedback report to highlight areas where they need to act. They can then revisit their entry 6 months later to mark the impact of the actions taken.


TIDE Deepdives are costed at £1,000 + VAT for enei Members

TIDE Deepdives are costed at £2,000 + VAT for non-Members

To order a TIDE Deepdive - please download & complete this order form and send it to info@enei.org.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, TIDE Deepdives have been designed to be suitable and relevant in all jurisdictions. The language does not refer to specific personal characteristics of diversity or legislation so it will apply in all areas. This allows organisations to compare approaches across different operating areas.

It will depend on your organisation and how well you know it. The average is likely to be 2 hours.

There is a function to change contrast from the standard black writing on a white background to improve accessibility.

Yes, the TIDE questionnaire can be translated into many different languages using a function under the accessibility button. However, the results will be provided in English. If a Member would like this translated into another language, please contact your Member Engagement Manager or email info@enei.org.uk for further details and costs.

Yes, the TIDE software allows Members to complete the questionnaire on mobile devices, tablets, laptops & desktops.

TIDE is designed to be fast and easy to complete so the requirement for evidence is simply to give enei the ability to review your entry. We do not wish the requirement for evidence to be a burden. You should consider submitting documents that demonstrate your strategy, communications, approach, procedures, frameworks and outcomes.

TIDE Deepdives can be updated whenever you like. Your entry will be saved in the system and you can update the answers and receive a new report as required. The system will save your entry so you will not have to answer every question again and can simply update the answers that have changed. The system will only save your latest entry so if you require a copy of your previous answers and report you should download them before making any changes.

All information submitted is confidential and will not be published. We will not announce who has taken part in the TIDE Deepdives and will ask your.

If you have won a Bronze/Silver/Gold Award and would like to celebrate this, we will ask your permission before publishing it.

If you have any questions please fill in the form below and we will get back to you shortly.