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Reducing the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace

We work with organisations to reduce the impact of unconscious bias on business performance.


Our unconscious bias workshops cover:

  • What is unconscious bias? Our sessions explore the key concept of unconscious bias, covering the relationship between implicit associations, stereotypes and individual attitudes toward others. 
  • How does it impact on organisational performance? Using practical case studies and real world scenarios we help organisations to explore the relationship between implicit associations and the impact on organisational performance. We explore the relationship between individual bias and organisational culture.
  • Practice tips for reducing implicit associations: most importantly our sessions help you to explore how you can work toward reducing the effects of unconscious bias within you own organisation. We ask you to explore possible ‘hot spots’ before providing with will research lead guidance covering key organisational areas such as recruitment, performance management, workforce retention and talent development.

We also support organisations in the following ways:

  • Individual development: helping people to explore their own social preferences and how these influence their interactions with others.
  • Team development: help organisations to profile how team Members interact with others. This is a vital element to individual and organisational performance and success.
  • Inspection and audit: exploring staff attitudes and behaviours. As such it can be used to support organisational change programmes.
  • Selection: Supporting organisational selection processes covering recruitment,
    learning and development or promotion. We help to uncover pre-set social
    preferences with candidates.


To chart the levels of unconscious bias in the workplace we use Implicitly®, the only commercially available unconscious bias test. We use the Implicitly® results to work with you to reduce workplace unconscious bias.

Get in touch now to learn how unconscious bias training and tests can drive your diversity agenda