Mental Health and Wellbeing: Manager Guide

Support your efficiency and wellbeing whilst working from home. enei have teamed up with Wellbeing Experts and Occupational Health Specialists with over 20 years’ experience to deliver our new e-learning course - Mental Health and Wellbeing: Manager Guide.

This e-learning course will provide Line Managers with best practice and key considerations on how to effectively promote and support good Mental Health & Wellbeing of team members.

5 modules:

  • Introduction and current situation in the UK for Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Exploring what Mental Health and Wellbeing means, how it relates to work and the role of the Line Manager
  • Key information, legislation and best practice for managers on areas such as
    • Trust
    • Identity
    • Team Purpose
    • Stress
    • Reviewing Yourself
    • Giving Feedback
  • Understanding employee Mental Health and Wellbeing including spotting the signs and considerately having conversations
  • Comprehending Absence, inclusive return to work processes and adjustments

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an Overview of the current situation of Mental Health and Wellbeing as well as Global research
  • Understand definitions of Mental Health and Wellbeing and how this relates to both work and the role of the line manager
  • Learn more about related legislations and the stress of the risk assessment process
  • Explore and understand the best practice related to promoting and supporting good Mental Health and Wellbeing of team members
  • Develop an understanding of employee Mental Health struggles, spotting the signs and how to have a considerate conversation
  • Overview of sickness absence, key principles for the return to work process and possible reasonable adjustments

Mental Health and Wellbeing e-learning