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Listening Groups

enei facilitated listening groups allow you to take your employee engagement to the next level.

Research tells us that happy staff equals higher outputs and greater creativity. The best performing organisations recognise that they are more innovative and creative when they value the diverse perspectives of all their people.

enei facilitated listening groups allow you to take your employee engagement to the next level.

Listening groups provide:

  • Valuable insight into the experiences and viewpoint of your staff
  • Greater understanding into the overall perception of what it’s like to work for your organisation
  • Honest alternative feedback on your impact and market presence
  • Scope for fresh ideas

Want to “Health Check” your corporate culture or simply explore a specific topic? enei will:

  • Work with you to tailor the listening groups to meet your needs
  • Produce a report complete with findings and recommendations
  • Provide ongoing support where needed

Contact or telephone +44 (0)20 7922 7835 for more information or to discuss how we can best support you!


Benefits of Listening Groups

  • Independent objective facilitation
  • Chatham House rules
  • Health check your corporate culture
  • Drive culture change through greater engagement, creativity, and trust


It’s been fantastic. As a result of these sessions, I can really see a positive change in the mind-set of our leaders.

Val Graham, Communications Manager

Maxine Hurley

Member Engagement Manager
Contact Maxine

Maxine is responsible for recruiting and engaging enei Members to ensure their continued support for enei’s strategy, benchmarking, campaigns and networking events. She also helps to develop, deliver and promote enei’s training and consultancy to Members and non-members.

Prior to joining enei, Maxine successfully delivered equalities solutions for the Royal College of Nursing, where she worked on initiatives such as a Dignity at Work programme that helped position the organisation as an employer of choice. With over 10 years’ experience as an equalities specialist, a skilled facilitator and international trainer, Maxine was honoured by the Health Service Journal in their inaugural top 100 BME Pioneers in healthcare list.

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