Inclusive Recruitment e-learning

Inclusive recruitment leads to an inclusive and diverse workforce

In order to reach the most talented people, an organisation must have access to a wide talent pool, which means ensuring no one is overlooked for unjust reasons. Getting recruitment right is one of the biggest challenges for any employer, avoiding discrimination whilst embracing inclusion.

Thus we've teamed up with e-learning specialists Marshall E-learning, to produce an Inclusive Recruitment e-learning course, which can be purchased off-the-shelf or fully customised, depending on your organisational needs.

This course will help your organisation reap the benefits of greater access to different perspectives, a greater understanding of customers, increased customer engagement and an improved employer image. Organisations electing to follow the principles of inclusive recruitment will set themselves on the path to higher performance.

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  • Understand how an inclusive workforce benefits organisations
  • Design an inclusive job specification and person specification
  • Provide an inclusive company culture for onboarding new staff members
  • Describe their responsibilities in terms of reasonable adjustments

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