5th June 2020

Inclusive Culture Measurement

enei is delighted to launch our new Inclusive Culture Measurement (ICM), developed in conjunction with Workio.

We know how difficult it is for employers to measure whether the actions they take to make a culture more inclusive actually work, so we have collaborated with Workio to create a new and innovative Inclusive Culture Measurement(ICM) - an anonymous, quantitative, and holistic approach which gathers data from employees about their experiences, their preferences, and their priorities in the workplace.

Following a successful pilot, enei and Workio are now able to make the ICM available to all UK based employers, to help them measure, understand, and improve their performance on equality, diversity, and inclusion metrics.

Workio is an all-in-one online platform which gives you everything you need to measure and improve employee culture and, therefore experience at work. The platform is fast, easy to use, cost effective and uses a unique methodology created by MBAs and PhDs from the University of Cambridge. The Workio model is anonymous, quantitative, and standardised.

Employees respond anonymously to an online chatbot survey - the process takes less than 15 minutes.


Four core sets of data are gathered:

  • The employee’s demographics
  • The employee’s experiences
  • The employee’s preferences
  • Relative importance of different aspects of the workplace


Questions cover ten categories:

Role - Relationships - Results - Progression - Purpose & Mission - Leadership - Management - Money & other valuable benefits - Innovation – Personal


Questions include: 

  • How well do the leaders of your organisation embrace diversity and inclusion?
  • How diverse is your organisation?
  • How diverse would you like it to be?
  • How closely does the purpose & mission of the organisation match your own?


The Workio ICM data model, designed in collaboration with Dr Sanna Balsari-Palsule of University of Cambridge, is then used to aggregate and analyse the responses, before deriving insight from the data.

enei and Workio work with the employer to turn insight into action. The outcome is reported to senior leadership in organisations with clear, actionable insights to help drive the improvements employees are looking for.

Denise Keating, CEO of enei, says: “In a remote working world, there are fewer opportunities for managers and leaders to pick up physical cues about the culture of diversity and inclusion in their organisations. It’s vital that we create new ways to understand how employees feel and where improvements can be made to push the D&I agenda forward, and we’re delighted to work with Workio to help our Members on this.”

Kieron Faller, CEO of Workio, says “Our collaboration with enei has game-changing potential, moving equality and inclusion from being indefinable to being able to be clearly measured and understood. Workio has been built from the start to work for remote teams or organisations, and in the new world of work this is more important than ever.”

The ICM is designed to be accessible to all organisations who are committed to driving forward their inclusive culture and is priced accordingly.
Please contact info@enei.org.uk for enquires and pricing questions.