Agile Working Strategy

Ways of work are changing. 90% of UK businesses now offer alternative approaches to the traditional ways of working.

Is your organisation adapting to the changing world of work?


60% of workers believe that being in the office is no longer required to be productive.

The business case for agile working is clear. The Agile Future Forum and McKinsey & Company researched the financial benefits of adopting agile working practices. Their studies demonstrated benefits equivalent to 3-13% of workforce costs.

More extensive or innovative practices could generate further value up to 20% of workforce cost and sales uplift of up to 11%.

In the Research Report on Agile Working, Personality & Performance commissioned by enei, 86% of employees and 61% or employers felt that Agile Working would increase productivity.

Our bespoke consultancy support service seeks to understand your drivers and needs, helping you consider the opportunities and practicalities of embarking on the agile working journey.

We have worked with global organisations such as EDF, Veolia, and Zurich to implement their Agile Working strategy. Get in touch now to discuss how we can best support you !

Contact us by email at or telephone +44 20 7922 7790 for a free consultation that will help you understand the opportunities for agile working in your organisation.

Benefits of an Agile Working approach

  • Attracts new talent
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Increased retention of employees
  • Increased space efficiency and sustainability
  • Greater engagement, autonomy, creativity and trust
  • Ability to adapt to changing customer expectations

enei approach

enei recognises that each organisation is different and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution or implementation approach for agile working. Our Research Report on Agile Working, Personality & Performance analysed how different people are more suited to different workstyles and if organisations should use different ways of working to become more productive.
We will work with you to develop a bespoke strategy to implement Agile Working in your organisation. Depending on your needs this could involve:

  • Developing an Agile Working programme with high level organisational wide principles
  • Addressing the enablers and blockers, creating a plan to address all practical and cultural considerations
  • Working with you to implement Agile Working in a pilot area
  • Consulting with local teams to develop local Agile plans and rules
  • Developing a toolkit to support your Management team to implement Agile Working independently
  • Coaching your HR or Implementation Managers to implement an Agile Working programme
  • Developing guidance and training your staff on how to Line Manage People and work in an Agile environment

What’s in it for your Business?

  • Ability to adapt to changing business needs and evolving landscape of work
  • Creates a performance focused culture within minimal constraints
  • Enables employees to perform to the best of their ability while improving engagement
  • Offers multi-generational appeal, enhancing talent attraction and retention
  • Can reduce costs in property, training and travel


What’s in it for your employees?

  • Empowering employees to have more autonomy and control over their work lives and where they undertake specific tasks
  • Reducing commuting time, associated costs, and stress
  • Continued social connectivity at organisation location(s) and also via technology
  • Working within a trust based culture
  • Feeling valued for what they can bring to the organisation rather than time attended

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