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Agile Workforce: Working from Home e-learning

Maximise your work productivity from home!

This e-learning course explains how using communications and information technology enables people to work in ways, which best suit their needs without the traditional limitations. The course is also aimed at everyone who can Work from Home and covers key information to make sure people can do this in a safe, efficient and productive way.

  • Improved performance, autonomy and productivity
  • Increased retention of employees
  • Gain space efficiency and sustainability
  • Superior engagement, creativity and trust
  • Ability to adapt to changing customer expectations

The main learning objectives:

  • Introduction to Agile Working & Working from Home and what these terms mean
  • Understand the key requirements to effectively Work from Home
  • Identify different forms of communication when away from the workplace
  • Understand what part your manager plays whilst Working from Home
  • Recognise and protect against the potential impact on both mental and physical wellbeing
  • Explore the key values for an Agile Workforce and how "TRUST" is essential for managers and teams

The 5 Key modules this course will go through:

  1. Introduction to Agile Working and Working from Home
  2. Key information on Working from Home including risk assessment, security, personality types and productivity
  3. Technology and Communication with team and managers
  4. Top Tips for Mental and Physical Wellbeing
  5. Principles, Values and "TRUST"

There will be an 8-question assessment quiz with certificate at the end of this course.

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Agile Working e-learning