Agile Workforce: Managing Remote Teams

Who said Home Working couldn’t work? Equip your managers with the knowledge on how to effectively manage Remote Teams.

Respond to the challenge of Home Working with our e-learning product as part of our new Agile Workforce series: Managing Remote Teams. This e-learning course will equip learners with the key information on how to effectively manage remote teams in an efficient, productive and inclusive way.

This course is aimed at managers/leaders and is all about managing individuals and teams that are remote/working from home. A mini-guide for managers is provided as an extra resource alongside this course which goes into more depth on key topics covered.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Agile Working, Working from Home and what these terms mean
  • Understand the key skills required to effectively establish and manage remote teams
  • Gain knowledge on productivity, outputs, time management and performance to maximise your team's contribution
  • Learn about Human Resource related issues and considerations when managing remote teams
  • Identify different personality types and the 'Top Tips' of managing different types of people for optimal productivity and work satisfaction
  • Recognise the potential impacts on mental and physical wellbeing on remote teams
  • Explore and adapt key Agile Working Values and how "TRUST" is essential

 The Key 5 Modules:

  • Introduction to Agile, Flexible and Working from Home and associated benefits
  • Managing a Remote Workforce including:
    • Top Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce
    • Risk Assessment & Security Considerations for your team
    • Key information on Productivity, Outputs, Time and Performance Management of your team
    • Potential HR Issues and Considerations for managers to be mindful of
    • As a result of enei research, look at how to manage the different Personality Types of remote workers
  • Technology overview and how best stay connected to your team
  • Supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of your remote team
  • Key Principles and Values including "TRUST" for managers

There is an eight-question assessment at the end of this course to recap learning and provide a PDF certificate.

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