28th October 2019

Only 1/5 satisfied with job despite good salary

A recent study from YouGov shows that more than 1/3 or Brits don’t like their job with men less likely to say they enjoy their jobs than women. Not even the half of them are satisfied with the level of their pay and only 20% think they are in good jobs with a relatively decent wage.

Moreover, 22% of workers say their environment is not inclusive enough. Further data from the 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey, 74% of people in the Millennial age group believe their workplace is more innovative when the culture is more inclusive.


The top five reasons why employees look to hand in their notices are:

  • Low salary (35%)
  • Job tenure (23%)
  • Monotonous or boring work (22%)
  • Job location or length of commute (20%)
  • Disapproval of their boss or line manager (18%)


According to these quite pessimist survey results, the UK workforce is trending towards flexibility and better work-life balance with prioritising several factors as: Freedom and flexibility, Work-life balance, Inclusion and representation, Health and wellbeing and Relationships at work.