10th June 2019

One third of businesses failing to support neurodiverse workers

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  • One third of businesses failing to support neurodiverse workers

A recent survey of 2000 workers found that 32% of respondents said their employers didn’t offer any additional support for those in the workforce with neurodevelopmental disorders. This was despite more than 1 in 10 reporting that either they, or someone they worked with, was neurodivergent.

The findings follow CIPD research which last year found more than 70% of HR professionals didn’t factor neurodivergence into their people management processes, while 17% didn’t know whether or not it was included.

It is evident that employers need to offer more support for those with neurodevelopmental conditions. To create more inclusive working environments it's important that organisations offer reasonable adjustments.

Many factors will be involved in deciding what adjustments to make and they will depend on individual circumstances. Different people will need different changes, even if they appear to have similar impairments. It's important that employers discuss the adjustments with the individual themselves; otherwise the adjustments may not be effective.

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