15th August 2019

More support needed for Trans people

Evidence suggests that trans people can be a valuable asset to your organisation and inclusive workplaces can actually improve personal performance in work, education and in their personal lives. In addition to the moral and legal drivers to treat all employees as individuals, trans people can be resilient, creative and strong with good communication and negotiation skills, as a result of the challenges they have faced in their personal lives.

In the UK following a survey of the LGBT Communities the Government Equalities Office produced the results which found that at least 16% of LGBT survey respondents who accessed or tried to access healthcare services in the last year up to October 2017 had a negative experience because of their sexual orientation, and over half of those surveyed who accessed or tried to access mental health services said they had to wait too long. Yet LGBT people are more likely to experience mental health problems than the general population. For members of the trans communities a number of trans patients raised concerns over the standards and inconsistencies of care received from GPs.

The BBC recently spoke to three trans Individuals who all live just a few miles apart in Wolverhampton, but all are receiving different levels of support from GPs with their transgender care.

All are on the NHS waiting list for the specialist care required to fulfil their individual requirements with NHS Gender Identity Clinics but are calling for more training of GPs in gender issues after one was able to be prescribed bridging hormones, but the other two both had to seek help through a private company to obtain their prescriptions.

The Royal College of GPs has called for an urgent overhaul of transgender care in the UK.

A result of this saw the UK Government appointed its first National LGBT Health Adviser in March 2019 after these findings.

In the US - a Virginia a judge has ruled a school’s decision to prevent a trans student from using the bathroom corresponding to his gender identity was discriminatory.

Following the ruling the American Civil Liberties Union said, “Trans people belong in schools. Trans people belong EVERYWHERE.”

With an estimated 1% of the population falling somewhere on the broad “trans” spectrum, businesses are more and more likely to encounter a range of diverse trans people in the course of their workplace. As such employers need to be ready and able to welcome, include and support trans people as part of their workforce.

enei are offering a Trans Masterclass to their members and the public which will offer guidance and training on this topic on the 13th November 2019.  

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