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28th October 2019

LGBTQ – The new pay gap and what employers need to do about it

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  • LGBTQ – The new pay gap and what employers need to do about it

A recent survey from YouGov confirms that LGBTQ people are being paid less than their non-LGBTQ counterparts. On the internet, the term “pay gap” had around 300,000 results and all are reporting differences in pay between genders. However, another rather startling statistic that is beginning to gain traction, is the difference in pay based on sexual orientation (homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, pansexual, non-binary, etc.)

An annual deficit of 6.703£ has been noticed for LGBTQ employees compared to their counterparts. Moreover, there is a real lack of communication and information by employers’ annual reports for which one in three FTSE 100 companies failed to mention LGBTQ diversity issues in their latest annual reports.

Another US study has showed that gay women were paid 9% more than heterosexual women. There are multiple reasons as to why this could be, one is perhaps erroneous stereotypes. But another is certainly the dramatic leaps that have been made in LGBTQ progress both in terms of social acceptance and support.

There is still a long journey to achieve the perfect and total equality between genders and between LGBTQ orientations at the workplace. More research is needed in this area to have a more definitive understanding of the disparity and the reasons for it but what employers can now do is focus on creating a truly open and transparent working environment.