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13th May 2020

Is homeworking the future of work?

Are you more productive working from home? 

What can your employer do to support you whilst you work from home?


In 2015 enei commissioned research into the link between Agile Working, personality and performance to see if different people are more suited to different workstyles and if organisations should use different ways of working to become more productive.  A complimentary copy of the full research is being made available to help inform employers understand more about homeworking and how to individual needs vary HERE. 


We found that:

  • Agile Workers generally had better performance than employees adopting other ways of working.
  • Performance increased with agility.
  • People of all personality types could be successful in an agile environment but may need different levels of supervision and management. 
  • Agile working should be encouraged rather than enforced.


However, a lot has changed since then and now enforced home working has become the norm and short term homeworking arrangements are likely to extend to the months and even years ahead. 


With that in mind, enei and HR DataHub have created an anonymous 10-minute survey to help us all understand the impact homeworking is having on productivity, motivation and well-being. The survey will be repeated over the course of the Covid-19 restrictions and afterwards to identify how attitudes change. We will share the results to help employers understand how they can support their people better and to develop additional enei support.


The survey is designed to be completed by employees and we are looking for strong participation to maximise the validity of the results and to give us clear direction on the way forward.


Please encourage your colleagues to invest just 7-10 minutes of their time to complete the survey before the closing date on 31st May 2020 N.B this deadline has been extended in line with the government’s extension to instructions for us all to work from home where possible.