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4th November 2019

Hospitality bosses oblivious to staff happiness, research suggests

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According to new research from People First who explored the attitudes of 250 bosses and 250 employees, 84% of hospitality bosses think their staff are happy and 76% believe most of their employees are fully engaged in what they do.
The research found however that just 64% of staff find their work makes them happy and only 42% are fully engaged in their work.
Moreover, men are more likely to say their work engages them (48%) than women (39%), reflecting the well-publicised gender pay-gap.
Staff of the UK hospitality employees are more likely to prefer having a reward for excellent work and then, the most important is to have more flexible working hours.

Mark Williams, the vice president product at People First said: “Poor productivity is a British disease which we can cure through better understanding of what motivates employees and gets them into the flow where time flies and work is more enjoyable and fulfilling.
“That’s why it’s important to rely on more than gut feeling about how happy or engaged staff are. Regular check-ins must replace the dated annual appraisal as only with regular conversations can an employer see the true picture of their employees.
“There are so many different aspects to any hospitality job, such as training, career development and flexible working, that making assumptions about what employees want is misguided. As an employer you need to know what makes your staff happy to work hard and what makes them leave.”