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7th November 2018

Closing The Gap: Women in Entertainment

A recent survey was conducted, surveying 1000 respondents on linkedin across various ages, genders and sizes of companies who self-selected their industry on LinkedIn as Entertainment. The aim was to find out what they believed needed to be done to help close the gender gap in the entertainment industry, and tackle discrimination. There were 4 key themes from the survey which were:

  • Leadership sets the tone: Half of the respondents felt the biggest challenge hindering women is an unsupportive or biased corporate culture. And 76% of women believe they would feel uncomfortable reporting harassment, which shows how the environment is not making that type of behaviour feel safe or recognised.
  • Diversity of decision makers: 68% of women believe that studios and production houses need to give more female directors and writers more opportunities.
  • Male Allies: solutions lie in genders working together to address the change necessary to create parity and help create a new generation of inclusive leadership.
  • Women need more networks: for their development. A third of the women believed that creating those opportunities could be a solution for fostering a more inclusive workplace.

To find out more about the study you can read Forbes article here.