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5th February 2019

Carers UK - Juggling work & unpaid care

Carers UK have released there new report called 'Juggling work and unpaid care'. The research conducted, consisted of an online survey and  fieldwork. They surveyed 4254 adults. Below are the key findings from the report:

  • 1 in 7 people are caring for a loved one.
  • 6 million people have quit their job to care.
  • 2.6 million people have quit their job for a loved who is older, disabled or seriously ill, with nearly half a million (468,000) leaving their job in the last 2 years, which is more than 600 people a day. This is a 12% increase since Carers UK and YouGov polled the public in 2013.
  • Almost 5 million workers are now juggling their paid job with caring – a dramatic rise compared with Census 2011 figures of 3 million.
  • Asked what support from their employer would be most important if combining their job with unpaid care for a loved one, 89% of UK adults said a supportive line manager/employer, 88% said the option to work flexibly, and 80% said five to 10 days paid care leave.
  • Asked what supportive employment policies are currently available for carers in their workplace, 38% of UK employees said their employer had flexible working but only 12% said they had additional paid care leave. 33% of people currently juggling work and care said that there were no policies listed to support carers. 

The research from Carers UK emphasises the need for UK employers to support the rapidly increasing number of staff with caring responsibilities to stay in the workforce. Below are some initiatives organisations can implement to help employees balance their caring duties with employment. 

  • Review your employment documentation to ensure policies and procedures are inclusive and representative of a modern family who may have caring responsibilities.
  • Encourage line managers and employees to talk to each other about any issues they face where support may be needed.
  • Introduce and promote flexible working policies.
  • Introduce paid care leave so that carers are not forced to take annual leave for caring emergencies.
  • Invest in an employee assistance programme

To find out more about how your organisation can provide better support for employees with caring responsibilities, read our Employer Guide, Employing Carers.

You can read the full Carers UK report here.