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4th October 2019

Call for more government action on racial discrimination

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Researchers at Edinburgh University have called for more government action to tackle racial prejudice.

They said levels of discrimination against black and ethnic minority (BAME) Scots were persisting.

The Scottish government introduced a Race Equality Framework in 2016 to tackle racial discrimination.

However, a survey published on Wednesday suggested fewer people from the BAME community believed the current anti-discrimination laws were working.

The polling company Survation questioned more than 500 members of the BAME community on their experiences since the last survey was conducted in 2017.

Key findings from the study found:

  • 34% of those questioned said they had experienced discrimination in the past two years.
  • Of these more than a quarter (27%) felt it was becoming more frequent.
  • 42% agreed the Scottish government was doing enough to tackle racial discrimination.
  • Of those who had experienced discrimination at work, 25% said it had happened when applying for a job, 18% said it had affected their promotion chances and a further 18% their attempts to seek equal pay
  • Instances of discrimination included; name calling, the use of inappropriate language, incidents on public transport, and prejudice in the workplace.

Tackling racial discrimination in society is vital, and employers have a duty to all their staff to ensure that everyone feels safe and included in their work environment. Here at enei, we work with our Members to create inclusive workplaces. Read our Conference Report, Leading the Change on Race Equality to find out what some of our Members were doing to tackle racial discrimination in the workplace. Moreover, check out our range of resources on Race in the Workplace.

For more information on the study, you can read the BBC article here.