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30th July 2020

Austria – issues its first ever Intersex birth certificate 

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  • Austria – issues its first ever Intersex birth certificate 

After a four-year battle, finally Alex Jurgen, a 42-year-old intersex man and campaigner for non-binary identities has legally been able to identify himself other than the male or female binary genders. Austria becomes a growing list of countries who are now recognising a third gender, which can encompass intersex and non-binary identities.  In 2018, he won the right to have an “X” in his passport (something which is still yet to be achieved in the UK for instance) and has now been able to get his birth certificate to be altered to say “inter” which is German for intersex. This decision will have an impact on an estimated 1.7% of the population born with sex characteristics and hormone receptors which differ from the social expectations of just female and male.