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26th November 2019

"A good year" - continued progress on improving gender balance in FTSE leadership

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  • "A good year" - continued progress on improving gender balance in FTSE leadership

In 2016 the Hampton-Alexander Review (the Review) set five recommendations aimed at increasing the number of women in leadership positions in FTSE 350 companies. In particular, the Review recommended that 33% of FTSE 350 board positions should be held by women by 2020. It reports on progress against those recommendations annually and the November 2019 review is now available.

The FTSE 100 has progressed in line with expectations, with 32.4% of board positions now being held by women. Progress in the FTSE 250 has been reasonable, with 29.6% of roles now held by women, up from 24.9% last year. Only two FTSE 350 boards are now all male and the appointment rate of women was 36% in the FTSE 100 and 35% in the FTSE 250. Overall, women fill 30.6% of FTSE 350 board positions.

However, while progress has been made this year, the 33% target will only be met if there is a "step change" in the appointment rate of women over the next year. Unless at least 50% of all available appointments in 2020 go to women, the FTSE 350 will miss the target.