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19th August 2019

4 ways to encourage more women into STEM positions

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A recent article by Jacqueline Gallazzi-Ritchie has highlighted ways in which we can help attract more women into STEM roles.

The number of women graduating in core STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects is increasing. Last year, the percentage of female STEM graduates rose from 25% to 26%, but this percentage is still a long way from being considered equal representation.

The absence of women in these sectors is hugely significant and we’re missing out on some valuable skillsets and opportunities because of it.

To help fix this issue, Jacqueline suggest that we should:

  • Encourage STEM subjects from an early age - For example, making sure female role models in this sector are more apparent to young girls, giving them someone to look up to.
  • Make job adverts less masculine - Last year, the IT, engineering, science, and trade and construction sectors all showed a significant male bias in their job adverts. It’s important to take into consideration the language we use in our job adverts, such as making sure the phrasing used is gender neutral.
  • Make women feel welcome in these roles - Key to an inclusive working environment is making sure everyone has equal opportunities, such as access to learning and development programmes.
  • Offer more flexible hours – It’s important to offer a range of flexible working options that assist employees to manage out of work responsibilities.