21st November 2017

Why you shouldn’t implement Inclusive Leadership... yet

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What’s so important about inclusive leadership? Well, we’ve all encountered the uninclusive leader. They surround themselves with minions who agree with everything they do, knock down the confidence of colleagues outside their in-group and lack any awareness of the impact of their actions.

This isn’t good for your organisational culture, but it’s even worse for diversity. It's suggested that inclusive leadership could even replace diversity initiatives altogether.  That sounds like a good thing, but is your organisation ready for inclusive leaders?

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What do you need to do before implementing inclusive leadership?

  • Create a diversity strategy?
  • Eliminate your gender pay gap?
  • Carry out unconscious bias training?

Actually, you don’t need to do any of these things, although it’s great if you have! But before implementing inclusive leadership you do need to know what makes a leader inclusive and what your leaders need to do to become inclusive.

Google doesn’t tell you this. Most organisations claiming to have a definition for inclusive leadership tell you what it isn’t. That’s why enei asked Buckinghamshire New University to help define what inclusive leadership is. We looked at how 11 different organisations were implementing inclusive leadership and how it impacted on performance, productivity, satisfaction and wellbeing. The results came as no surprise; if leaders are more inclusive, your employees feel and perform better.

We came up with 15 competencies, all of which had to be present to really define your leaders as inclusive. These competencies form the basis of our Inclusive Leadership Assessment tool (ILAt), available as a 360 analysis or an individual assessment. The ILAt feedback gives you an insight into your inclusive leadership potential and identifies areas of improvement.

The ILAt is for management and senior leaders, and we can deliver feedback at group and individual levels. Knowing which behaviours to strengthen enables your leaders to focus on self-improvement and lead the change in their organisation, delivering performance and wellbeing improvements to all employees.

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