Unconscious Bias Taster Webinar

  • 3rd June 2019
  • 11:00 - 12:00
  • This event will be held as a webinar



Our approach is firmly based on evidence from social psychology of how change happens together with the key principles of behavioural economics, which focus on interventions that make change happen and are sustainable over time.

This is a really exciting opportunity for you to benefit from an interesting and engaging taster session that will introduce you to the concept of Unconscious Bias, explore a number of strategies for dealing with any biases you might encounter within your role and to think about how you can implement them within your organisation to assist in raising awareness and creating a more inclusive working culture.

The taster will cover the following:

  • Understand what is meant by diversity and inclusion and how this relates to your roles
  • Explore the nature of Unconscious Bias, including affinity and confirmation bias and how they work
  • Develop practical strategies to mitigate the impacts of bias in their working practices
  • Action planning for a more inclusive organisational culture

We will also provide you with some practical tips on how to harness and motivate your people and how to create an inclusive work culture linked to these objectives.

Who should attend?

Head of HR, HR Directors & Managers, L&D/OD Managers, Diversity Practitioners, Business Managers & Sponsors, Network leads.


Members - FREE

Non-Members - £50 + VAT