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The Value of Neurodiversity in the Workplace

  • 19th October 2020
  • 14:00 - 16:30
  • This event will be hosted on Zoom


“Neurodiversity is an essential form of human diversity. The idea that there is one ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ type of brain or mind or one “right” style of neurocognitive functioning, is no more valid than the idea that there is one ‘normal’ or ‘right’ gender, race or culture.”

Nick Walker


Neurodiversity is an umbrella term which includes people who have dyslexia, dyspraxia (DCD), dyscalculia, Autism and ADHD. As we mark ten years of the Equality Act, these protected characteristics have moved from ‘progressive corporate initiatives’ to business-critical topics. Approximately 15% of the population of the UK are neurodiverse - representing a significant proportion of existing staff, job applicants and customers.

Neurodiverse individuals also bring unique strengths and talents to the workplace, will several recruitment programmes specifically focusing on neurodiverse talent launched in recent years.

While expectations are growing for organisations to report on, act on, and advocate for neurodiversity in their workplaces, there remains little practical advice or real-world experience on how to go about it. Many organisations want to ‘get it right’ or to leverage the strengths of neurodiverse talent. But they are not sure where to get started or invest significant resources with at best mediocre results.

Hosted by ENEI, we are joined by neurodiversity specialists Lexxic to lead a high impact facilitated workshop. This will enable employers to upskill in practical solutions to help to empower neurodiverse talent and enhance their workplace culture. The workshop is also kindly supported by NHS Employers.

Specifically, in this workshop, we will cover;

  • What do we mean by neurodiversity and neurodiverse conditions?
  • How to make the business case and get buy-in from senior leaders
  • Attracting and retaining neurodiverse talent
  • How managers can create an inclusive environment and empower neurodiverse individuals
  • Examples of reasonable adjustments and assistive technology in the workplace
  • Case-studies of good practice at an organisational level


Please note that this is an interactive workshop! While there will be some presentations and sharing of information at the beginning, we hope all participants will engage and share their own stories and challenges. We hope to add the most value by engaging with you directly and answering your questions.

Participants will join different breakout rooms during the workshop. Each room will be facilitated with small group discussions and the sharing of good practice.


This is a collaborative event between enei, Lexxic and NHS Employers. By signing up to this event your sign up details will be available to enei, Lexxic and NHS Employers



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