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STEM Roundtable

  • 20th February 2019
  • 14:00 - 16:00
  • Arup, 13 Fitzroy Street, London, W1T 4BQ

This is a free event, however there will be a £50 plus VAT admin charge for non-attendance or cancellations received less than 5 days prior to the event.


Your opportunity to influence the STEM agenda in the UK!   This is one of a series of roundtable events that focus on major D&I related issues for Members.

It is time to move on from research to practical action if we are to get traction on changing the STEM landscape and this requires a concerted effort from employers, students, teachers and parents.  Our conference focused on providing direction and practical solutions that enable employers to understand the educational context, involving key stakeholders and demonstrating how best to increase participation of qualified people into the workplace.  enei’s Roadmap signposts the resource available for employers, students, teachers and parents and with our support, we are confident that there are real opportunities to be exploited which will deliver measurable progress in STEM based careers for an increasingly diverse range of people.

This will enable us to work with Members to translate this into real action in the workplace – including research/trialling approaches to see which are most effective. 

At this session we will have an update on the behavioural insights work of the Government Equality Office and a case study from mykindafuture.

The format

  • Brief reminder of the issues surrounding STEM
  • Behavioural insights presentation from the Government Equality Office
  • Case study from Mykindafuture and insight from schools       
  • Launch of enei/Engineering UK/mykindafuture STEM conference 2019 in Birmingham
  • Best practice examples
  • Agreement on how to take it forward

Who should attend?

enei Members who have a real interest in progressing the STEM agenda and are willing to participate in trialling new approaches.

Free, members only