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Religion and Belief Taster Webinar

  • 13th November 2019
  • 11:00 - 12:00
  • This event will be held as a webinar


Could your organisation be next in the headlines?

In today’s multi-cultural society employers have a huge responsibility to manage issues surrounding religion and belief in the workplace in a sensitive and inclusive manner and can face significant reputational risk and costs when they get it wrong.

This webinar explores the legal and practical complexities now facing all employers and will give you an understanding of how you can manage religion and belief in your workplace. Specific focus will be:

  • The demographics of religion in the UK
  • The law
  • Issues for employers
  • Some common dilemmas - what would you do?
  • Key legal cases

The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion is a network of employers, not affiliated to any religious groups. We provide regular briefings, legal alerts and access to the best informed network of leading employers in the UK.

Who Should Attend?

HR Business Partners/Consultants, Line Managers, Diversity and Inclusion leads, Health & Safety Specialists and Managers. The session is designed to add value to your Equality and Inclusion Strategy, therefore please forward to the appropriate people in your organisation.


Free to Members & Non-Members