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Positive Action, Positive Outcomes

  • 25th October 2017
  • 11:00 - 12:00
  • This Session will be held as a Webinar

This event is free for Members, however there will be a £50 plus VAT admin charge for non-attendance or cancellations received less than 5 days prior to the event. If you are not a Member of enei you will be invoiced for this event at the rate below.

Did you know that Positive Action can be used to legitimately diversify your workforce? Under Section 159 of the Equality Act 2010, an Employer with reasonabe grounds can employ a Positive Action approach to recruit or promote people with a protected characteristic who are under-represented in the workforce.

In this webinar you will learn what Positive Action is and what it is not, what is meant by the tipping factor or tie breaker  and hear how other organisations have implemented Positive Action resulting in positive outcomes. 

Programme Overview-

  • What is Positive Action
  • Monitoring - What is the data telling you?
  • How you can make positive changes using Positive Action
  • Case Study review – how Positive Action works in practice 
  • Sources of support, further information and training

Who should attend?

HR Business Partners/Consultants, Line Managers, Diversity and Inclusion leads.  The session is designed to add value to your Equality and Inclusion Strategy, please forward to the appropriate people in your organisation.


Free to Members / £149 Non Members

There will be a £40 plus VAT admin charge for cancellations received less than 5 days prior to the event.