Neurodiversity Roundtable

  • 10th February 2021
  • 13:00 - 15:00
  • Online Event

Neurodiversity refers to the different ways people’s brains process information in the world around them. It is an umbrella term which includes people who have dyslexia, dyspraxia (DCD), dyscalculia, Autism, ADHD and may also include other conditions.

As we mark ten years of the Equality Act, these protected characteristics have moved from ‘progressive corporate initiatives’ to business-critical topics. Approximately 15% of the population of the UK are neurodiverse - representing a significant proportion of your existing staff, job applicants and customers.

So, does your organisation have a neurodiversity strategy or policy? How are you supporting and getting the best from neurodiverse talent in your workforce?

While expectations are growing for organisations to report on, act on, and advocate for neurodiversity in their workplaces, there is limited real-world experience on how to go about it. Many organisations want to ‘get it right’. But are not sure where to get started or can invest significant resources with poor or at best mediocre results.

We are excited to announce a new Neurodiversity Roundtable for enei members, which will be co-led by our partners Lexxic. Lexxic are a team of occupational psychologists that specialise in neurodiversity in the workplace. Over the last 13 years, they have built a track record supporting neurodiverse talent and delivering strategic change programmes with FTSE 100 and government organisations across the UK.

The aims of this member roundtable are to:

  • Provide a space for members to share their stories, challenges and ask open questions
  • Enhance members’ knowledge of the field
  • Share good practice and hear from thought leaders
  • Allow members to network and work with other organisations to develop and enhance their neurodiversity strategy
  • Provide opportunities to benchmark your organisation


This is a enei Member only Roundtable