Introduction to Menopause

  • 13th October 2020
  • 12:00 - 13:00
  • This event will be held as a webinar


There are 3.5 million older women in employment. Specifically, the number of women aged 50 to 64 with jobs has risen by 50% in the past 30 years. Now, women often work until they are 68 or over.  At the time women reach menopause, some are in more senior roles than women have ever been in, and are leading teams. Three in four women experience symptoms from menopause, and 1 in 4 experience serious symptoms, which can impact on their work experience and productivity. A quarter of women said that they had considered leaving their jobs because of the menopause. Employer support through menopause can, therefore, increase talent retention, and enhance the organisation’s reputation as an employer.  

This webinar gives you the knowledge and practical skills to support those experiencing symptoms from menopause in the workplace.  


Who Should Attend?

HR Business Partners/Consultants, Line Managers, Diversity and Inclusion leads, Health & Safety Specialists and Managers. The session is designed to add value to your Equality and Inclusion Strategy, therefore please forward to the appropriate people in your organisation.