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An Introduction to Mediation webinar

  • 18th August 2020
  • 14:00 - 15:00
  • This webinar will be hosted on GoToWebinar


  • What will this event provide participants with?
    • Look at the benefits to the reputation of an organisation in developing a consistent and effective approach to mediation
  • Key elements:
    • Grievance Policy Verses Conflict Management Processes
    • What are some of the hidden costs of a (purely) Grievance Process?
    • What does a mediation process Look like?
    • What does it take to be a Mediator?
  • Learning Objectives
    • State where mediation sits in organisational approaches to conflict resolution
    • Identify what the costs can be for ineffective choices
    • Name the stages in the mediation approach
    • Understand the development support required by a mediator
    • Identify sources of further support


Who Should Attend?

  • e.g. Head of HR, HR Directors & Managers, L&D/OD Managers, Diversity Practitioners, Business Managers & Sponsors, Network leads.
  • Sector specific
  • CEO’s