LGBT History Month 2021

Here’s why I include pronouns in my email signature

Inclusive language creates inclusive workplaces, and by sharing mine it makes it easier for someone who is gender non-conforming to share their pronouns.

Gender pronouns are words that a person uses to describe themselves or would like others to describe them.  For cisgender people, the common pronouns are she/her/hers or he/him/his. However, people who do not conform to the binary male/female categorisation may use they/them/theirs.

By including my pronouns in my email I hope to bring awareness and demonstrate inclusivity internally and externally and show consideration and respect that pronouns are an important part of gender identity.

For 2021 the theme of the month is Body, Mind and Spirit.

enei are celebrating LGBT History Month this February! Join us for our webinar on LGBT History Month Intersectionality, where we explore the intersection of race/ethnicity and LGBT+ identity in relation to employment. We also have webinars relating to the Body, Mind and Spirit theme such as Suicide Prevention Webinar and Inclusion to Belonging.

For more information on LGBT History Month, check out

How employers can support LGBT History Month

  • Be Visible: Communicate to all staff and highlight activities, local events, articles, and blogs. Display them in lifts, corridors, intranet pages, email signatures and desk drops.
  • Be Inquisitive: Attend sessions on LGBT History Month, take the time to research, and share your findings with others. Start a mentoring programme, and task yourself to learn something new every day.
  • Share experiences: Write a blog on what LGBT History Month means to you, profile LGBT staff, share who your role models are and why.