15th September 2020

Opportunity to join London Fire Brigade D&I Board

The new diversity and inclusion strategy for the London Fire Brigade, the Togetherness Strategy, was launched on 1 July 2020.  As part of the strategy we have established a Togetherness Board, chaired by the LFB Commissioner, which oversees the implementation of the strategy.

At the first meeting of this Board, it was agreed to invite three external expert members to join the Board, to expand its capability and ensure that the diverse experience and expertise of London communities is represented.

I’d be really grateful if you could please circulate the opportunity, which can be found here on our website, to your networks, and indeed consider applying yourself if you’re interesting in making a real difference to the ability of LFB to be trusted to serve and protect the diverse communities of London.  We’re particularly interested in hearing from Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff, and those with disabilities, who are currently underrepresented in our Board and workforce.

I would be really happy to have a confidential chat, please do get in touch if you have any questions, this is an exciting new direction for the brigade and I’d be very happy to chat through any questions you may have.



Abby Crawford

Interim Head of Culture

People Services Department