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Leading the Change

Working with our Members to achieve and promote best practice in equality and inclusion in the workplace.

enei Awards 2019

The enei Awards 2019 are now open for entries! They're free to enter and attend to all employers

The Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of organisations that have taken a lead in challenging discrimination and are working inclusively to tap into their talented workforce.

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Upcoming events
Social Inclusion Roundtable
19th February 2019
STEM Roundtable
20th February 2019
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The Journey

How do organisations make their cultures more inclusive? Full inclusion is a temporary state that few organisations will ever achieve. Inclusive organisations recognise this and understand that a drive for continuous improvement is in the best interest of the organisation, employees and stakeholders.


Equality is where all employees have equality of opportunity, and difference doesn’t matter. A reactive state based on meeting legal requirements, equality is focused internally on employees.

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Diversity is where difference is recognised and emphasised, but not actively leveraged to drive organisational success. Based on best practice, diversity acknowledges the benefit of the workforce being representative of the organisation’s customers.

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Inclusion is where difference is seen as a benefit to utilise; and where perspectives and differences are shared, leading to better decisions. Customer driven, inclusion is steered from the top and encourages innovation and a tailored approach for every stakeholder.

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